Elena & Don Perry – Wedding {Bucharest}

We are always excited to see what the bride is wearing on her big day but this time the groom made an appearance also. We were honored to shoot Elena and Don’s wedding and we  wish them the best and we hope we will meet again, next time in the US 🙂


“The story of how we met is simple. Three years ago…We got a little help from Cupid in the shape of two very good friends of ours who set up a blind date for us. We went out for dinner on a Friday evening and he was charming and funny and outgoing and I was shy and quiet and nervous, which apparently passed for captivated and attentive the next morning we went for a walk in the park, we stopped for a coffee after that and then for a movie and… i guess we really liked each other cause we’ve been together ever since. It’s funny how the best things in your life come when you least expect them. I couldn’t possibly have imagined being on the same page with somebody, but still being different enough to complete each other. He’s rational when I’m agitated, I’m organized when he’s chaotic, he’s flexible when I’m obstinate, I’m playful when he’s serious! I never pictured myself as a bride, as a little girl I never gave much thought to my future wedding, but things felt so natural and it was the best, most relaxed and fun party I could have hoped for, a celebration of our love. I am truly grateful and thankful for this wonderful person that turned out to be my soul mate and the most awesome husband!I know I am a better person because of him and I pray we’ll have a long and happy marriage cause I wouldn’t want to share my life with anybody else in the whole world.”

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