Carmen & Bryan from Hong Kong { Paris }

Hello there,

Carmen Siu & Bryan Ng touched our hearts and left an empty spot after we all left Paris. They are one of the nicest couples we’ve worked with. Made everything better and easier!

We’ve promised them we’ll be visiting in Honk Kong and we are going to keep that promise! 😀


Here are some thoughts from sweet Carmen:

I always think that there is some kind of magic working inside the Eiffel Tower, which makes it so alluring, majestic, and even heart melting… I remember one day looking at that photo of Clau on Emmphotography’s website, how she was looking away from the pinkish backdrop where it stood the sparking tower and I imagine myself doing the same.

So there came our shooting day: a warm summer morning at the tower, the perfect starting point to feel the love and excitement of Paris. Even Bryan fell in love with the Parisian charm and could’t help himself from shooting with his i-phone.

I feel so blessed to have Emm and Clau to be our photographers. They are such a fun and loving couple which allows Bryan and I to just be ourselves. I love their liveliness and professionalism, which have turned our shooting day to be a little adventure- us jumping over the fence for the best view of the tower, Emm climbing over the bridge to shoot us behind the “LOVE ME”graffitti, discovering the beautiful courtyard with b & w pillars, our tour to la defense, the new Paris….

As much as I have enjoyed Paris, I have to say, I enjoyed the company more  Thank you so much Emm & Clau. With *hugs* and *kisses* from Hong Kong. P.S. please come visit us!

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